B vitamins make you better. They reduce the effects of stress and fatigue and help boost your metabolism. All while helping maintain a healthy nervous system. In short, they give you the energy and ability to go and go and outlast those days that you swear take weeks.

Taurine is a naturally produced amino acid that aids in the detoxification of the body. But sometimes with high stress and physical exertion the body uses more taurine than it can produce. An extra boost can help usher out harmful substances, clearing the way for all the good stuff to work its magic. Your newfound energy will no doubt amaze your friends and coworkers. And when they ask, “Where’d that come from?” all you need to say is, “From the inside grasshoppa, from the inside.”


Caffeine is a major player in the fight against fatigue. It’s known for positively affecting the body’s motor performance, sensory activity, and alertness. And as an added bonus, it stimulates the burning of fat during endurance activities. So as far as we can tell it’s a win-win-win-win situation.